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Thread: Issue deleting nameserver on one IP address

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    Issue deleting nameserver on one IP address


    I have an issue with deleting the nameserver on one IP address. I have admin, reseller and user access. I had an issue with DNS on my website and I was trying to solve it by changing name servers.

    I added a name server to my user address with the create button (in reseller account). An error message was displayed saying I needed 2 IP adresses for adding a nameserver. Strangly it was added to one IP address when I returned to the name server page! Now I need to delete the name server from that IP address, because it is wrong. However I get the same error message (2 IP addresses needed) when deleting and the one name server stays on the user IP address. I have two IP addresses, but one is a sever address to which a name server can not be attributed My thought was I will add a name server to that server address also so I can delete from 2 IP addresses.

    I added a screen shot.

    Does anyone have a suggestion how to remove the nameserver from the one (user) IP address in the reseller account?

    BR, EVOName server DA deleting.png

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    Actually those NS on IP-management page do not change much... I don't set them at all on my servers and server of my clients. More important is what you have in directadmin.conf and users/resellers settings.

    I'd rather go to /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ips/ and update the records there.
    With regards, Alex.

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    Hello Alex,

    Thank you. In that case I will not try any longer to delete the NS from the IP in the IP management menu. I have set the records manually using the DA interface.

    BR, EVO

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