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Thread: Can I update roundcube when changing the URL name?

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    Can I update roundcube when changing the URL name?

    Ok, to explain the title, I have roundcube install using custombuild. I want to change the roundcube URL to something like mycube without redirecting using alias

    So when people go to -> they can see this
    and when people go to -> there will be error 404

    my solution is to rename the roundcube folder to mycube and this solve the problem.. but my question is.. if I rename this folder manually, and if I receive update for roundcube, does the update create a new folder for the upgraded version or it will patch the existing folder in mycube folder? I ask this question because I use this same method on phpMyadmin and when directadmin update phpmyadmin, it just create a new folder. How can I solve this problem.

    In the manual method, I just delete old mycube folder and repeat renaming the roundcube to mycube. I hope that someone can guide me to the automatic process.
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    278 directs the user to the default mailclient listed as default in directadmin.conf.
    I believe "/webmail" can be changed to almost anything you like. should not be used.

    Also (in my case at least) if a domain has SSL (like it should these days): -> stays with "https". Good. -> directs to "https". Good. -> stays with "http". Not good.

    Most visitors can still have websites bookmarked with "http" in their browsers, so the server should always redirect them to the https-version instead.
    This doesn't seem to happen with a directlink to
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    Sorry if I confuse you. I'm little confuse about the option webmail_client and webmail_link

    I change both to :

    webmail_client = mycube
    webmail_link = mycube

    I do ./build update
    and rewrite conf

    restart directadmin

    and still the link roundcube is there. also in the skins. What is the purpose of the above 2 options? let say I have another webmail client call mycube (not official from roundcube) and the folder is located at /var/www/html/mycube.. is it correct to set webmail_client = mycube. ?

    Is it a good idea to rename the official roundcube folder to another name (in case for changing the url)?
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    it's ok.. that was easy. i'm so dumb.

    i just put alias for roundcube and redirect to 404

    Thank you.

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