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Thread: Can not execute from /var/www/html

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    Can not execute from /var/www/html

    When I put just file info.php or something into /var/www/html I can execute it from and get informations about php, but when I create similink ( ln -s /home/someuser/www/test/ /var/www/html/test ) to directory in my home directory /home/someuser/www/test/info.php and try Apache says "Forbidden ...". This works on Debian. So, how I can put my site directory into /var/www/html and execute it? I looking for answer and try change permissions but still does not work.

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    That's a security issue, it's not allowed in Apache and is controlled by SymLinksIfOwnerMatch. I would not suggest disabling it.

    Do you need to access your content without domain name? In this case you'd better change Document Root in Apache.

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