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Thread: A lot of PHP-folders in Custombuild

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    A lot of PHP-folders in Custombuild

    My server is running out of disk space and before upgrading I was doing a quick scan to see if things that shouldn't be there are taking up (too) much space.

    I noticed the /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild folder was over 4GB.
    It turns out, it contains a lot of PHP folders from between 500-600 MB in size:

    527M ./php-7.1.4
    526M ./php-7.1.3
    131M ./mysql_backups
    527M ./php-7.1.6
    526M ./php-7.1.2
    526M ./php-7.1.1
    525M ./php-7.1.0

    The weird thing is: I do not have PHP 7.1 installed anymore? Custombuild is set to 7.2 and 7.1 was removed with the 'Remove software' tab in the Custombuild plugin a while ago.

    Is there a reason these folders are there? There's not one for PHP v 7.2, while that's the one I'm using in production right now. Is it a bug of some sort, and is it save to delete them?

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    Please make sure that you have clean=yes set in the options.conf file. Yes, it's safe to delete the PHP folders.
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    Clean=yes is (and was) set, so maybe it's a bug?
    Deleted them by hand now, thanks.

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