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Thread: DirectAdmin 1.53.2 release candidate

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    DirectAdmin 1.53.2 release candidate


    We're pleased to announce the release candidate for DirectAdmin 1.53.2.

    Version: 1.53.2 RC1

    This is primarily a bug-fix release, but there are a few minor new features.

    Full list of changes is here:



    Please report all issues here, rather than email/ticket to prevent duplicates (unless very urgent).

    As usual, to try out the new binaries, please download from the pre-release section or by using the &channel=beta option:


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    Thank you for new release and fixing the bug of "missing DS records of sub-zone to parent"

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    @DirectAdmin support, please see reply #18 here (regarding pre-checked checkbox)

    I don't see anything about it in the changelog at - can you confirm it is still added to the new RC version?

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