Hi All,

I updated exim with config:
./build update
./build set exim yes
./build set eximconf yes
./build set eximconf_release 4.5
./build set spamassassin yes
./build update
./build exim
./build exim_conf

Now I have:
Exim 4.91
dovecot (0719df592)
DirectAdmin 1.532
and little problem after update...

I have created two e-mail accounts:

In the case with forwarders configuration:
1. x@domain.com -> y@domain.com
2. y@domain,com -> x@domain.com

I can not send a message to x@domain.com or y@domain.com.
Server returns:
'550 No such recipient here'.

It worked before (accounts were receiving messages each other).

Any ideas why it stopped working?