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Thread: Multidomain websites and SSL secure certs

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    Multidomain websites and SSL secure certs

    We are using apache/php-fpm and need to convert a number of multidomain websites to SSL. These are sites that run off the same php code but are accessed via different domains (with different site indentities). If we create a new user for each domain, which will allow us to install a secure cert, then we will be prevented by php-fpm security (normally a good thing ) from accessing the base code in another user account. We are looking at reusing the same user id for the new accounts - but not really comfortable with the implications for DirectAdmin/php-fpm. Is there a safe way, with php-fpm, to share the same code across multiple domains with SSL certs installed?

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    You don't need to move a domain to another user if you want to secure it with a cert. Create the domain as a regular domain with its own public_html and private_html directories under the same users.

    This is true for the modern OS with OpenSSL 1.0 and higher, it uses SNI.

    If you are on older OS with OpenSSL lower than 1.0 you'd better upgrade OS then.

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