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Thread: Open port 2222 in firewall in the install processing

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    Lightbulb Open port 2222 in firewall in the install processing

    Directadmin Version 1.53.2
    OS: CentOS 7.x

    After install Directadmin on the CentOS 7, As you said in here:
    Must open 2222 port in firewall with this command:
    firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=2222/tcp
    And so this pre-install commands:

    I thinks better and simple include this command in install processing. To avoid confusing users without opening the web input page, immediately after installation.
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    I don't agree because several people will use several kind of firewalls and everybody should be able to choose for themselves if they want to open it.
    To prevent issues several people don't even use a firewall during installation but install it afterwards. Like CSF/LFD which can also open ports used by DA by default (yes also 2222) and also whitelists the installers ip address.

    The command will also be different in different distro's. Directadmin is also used on Debian en FreeBSD.
    So I wouldn't put that in pre-install commands.
    Greetings, Richard.

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