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Thread: HA server enverionment with directadmin problems

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    HA server enverionment with directadmin problems


    I facing some issues wich i cant get solved. I hope someone has done the same so can help me out.

    I have 2 Virtual servers centos 7 with directadmin. There are exactly the same.

    I want to use Highly available load balancer wich i bought from the hosting company.

    Now i need to transfer the directadmin files/settings/users etc into the second server.

    I want to replicate if that's possible every 10 min.

    Now i have read several articals were people explane that i can do it the best way to use the directadmin Admin backup-->transfer tool and use rsync for downloading the files to server 2 and set up a cron for restore the backup whenever i want.

    When I do the backup manually and not yet via a cron, the backup has failed and I can no longer access the DirectAdmin. This is because of an IP problem, I think?

    In addition, you have the option to use the restors - Use the IP from the list:
    And as soon as I check this and tick a shared ip address, the restores will go well.

    However, when this happens I can not access direct admin on server 2 again.

    I think I'm doing something wrong with the ip or forgetting something.

    The / home dir where all websites etc are in, I do otherwise with rsync and this works well.

    Perhaps someone can help me or see what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

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    That is because you backup/restore admin too. So the password is overwritten. You can access the second server through ssh and change the password back or make them simular.
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