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Thread: Cypher dropdown menu old support - secure modern - very secure option for DA

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    Cipher dropdown menu old support - secure modern - very secure option for DA

    Please have for server admins a dropdown option:
    To choose out of several default cipherlists for Apache, Nginx, Dovecot, DA, EXim and so on

    This is very handy when testing and so for now the defaults don't have the most secure ciphers anymore.

    Also to have them in file-editor by default.?

    So a minimum of 3 versions to choose i think.

    Yes every one can and could edit a custom with the help and so on.

    But changing in a more easy way also while updating / changes come quicker after "unsafe" tests PCI, SSLABS and so more.

    For those who are looking for more info for the time beeing you have to ... >

    I want to use different ciphers with Apache, using CustomBuild 2.0

    Current SSL cipher lists for DirectAdmin servers

    Changing your SSL/TLS/cipher lists in dovecot

    And a version without tls 1 and 1.1 see here
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    +1 If it's not going to be defaulted in 2020.
    Greetings, Richard.

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