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Thread: Problems setting up IMAP e-mail

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    Question Problems setting up IMAP e-mail


    I have some problems with setting up e-mail on my VPS running DirectAdmin. So basically everything is working. I have domain on user level, installed Let's Encrypt certificates for mail, smtp, pop etc. But when I try to connect via IMAP on my iPhone mail app, it says Cannot Connect Using SSL

    Then when I want to continue it says "" is not responding. However when I try the POP option through the mail app I can connect perfectly fine, can send e-mail and receive etc. But I would like to use IMAP.

    Open firewall ports: 2222, 80, 443, 465, 995, 110, 587, 25
    Domain i try to connect through my mail through:

    When I try the mail app through my macbook I get: The server “” refused to allow a connection on the default ports.

    Can somebody help me please?

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    Imap is using other ports for incoming mail.
    If you want to use imap you have to open port 143 normally or 993 for SSL.
    Greetings, Richard.

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