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Thread: No external incoming mail after update to eximconf_release 4.5

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    Unhappy No external incoming mail after update to eximconf_release 4.5

    Ofcourse this happens on Xmas day.
    I did an update to include Easy Spam Fighter and switch to eximconf_release 4.5 (I think I came from 2.1) and was pleased with how few spam I was getting. In fact I am not getting any mail at all from external now.

    Mail from any domain in my DirectAdmin setup is fine and instant, from outside I get nothing.
    I can email to anywhere, so outgoing is fine.

    I do not see any maillog errors, I do see a huge queue if I type exim -bpc (12000+)
    I tried switching ESF, Blockcracking and SA off, but still no mail from external...

    49 #Mail Settings
    50 exim=yes
    51 eximconf=yes
    52 eximconf_release=4.5
    53 blockcracking=no
    54 easy_spam_fighter=no
    55 spamd=spamassassin
    56 dovecot=yes
    57 dovecot_conf=yes
    58 pigeonhole=yes

    Can someone please help me out, I do not know where to look.

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    btw: I used this manual to install ESF and update eximconf_release

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    Workaround : Went back to eximconf_release 2.1

    It works now, but how do I go to 4.5 ? Or don't I need to ?

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    Normally what you changed in options.conf is oke.
    After that you have to
    ./build exim
    ./build eximconf

    I would indeed suggest to also use blockcracking and easy spam fighter at least.

    It should normally work by default. If you are getting a receiving queue and the log does not explain, then you shoud have a look at the queue via the queue manager to search for reasons in there.
    Greetings, Richard.

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