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Thread: Word break for long cron job fields

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    Word break for long cron job fields


    great theme, just a few minor things needs to be fixed. For example we found that for some of our users the cron job fields are way too long and they can't find the edit button. We just added little css rule:

    .ui-grid-table-cell-inner-wrap{-ms-word-break: break-all;word-break: break-all;word-break: break-word;}
    It shows ok now. Would be nice if this would be included in the updates, so we don't have to fix this after every Directadmin update. Also would be nice when you edit the cron job command line would be as textarea instead on singe line input would be more convenient to edit long commands. Thanks

    Is there a setting somewhere we can change the title of the browser window? Or it has to be hardcoded?

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    Fixed. Thank you for the report!
    Martynas Bendorius
    MB Martynas IT. Professional server management company. Official DirectAdmin, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed and Comodo partners.

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