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Thread: Run php files without .php extension -- WHAT'S THE TRICK I USED??

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    Run php files without .php extension -- WHAT'S THE TRICK I USED??

    You know what I mean -- http://mydomain/myfile loads and runs myfile.php, without requiring or showing the .php extension.

    I did some trick, years ago, and I can't remember what it was. Added a line to some directadmin apache file, I think.

    Just did this ONE TIME, ONE PLACE, and every website did the trick.

    I have create cloned servers based on my original DA setup, and this trick works on all sites on all cloned servers.

    I have just set up a directadmin server from scratch however, and I CANNOT FIND THE TRICK that I used in my cloned servers.

    I have validated that the following files are identical on both servers
    on a per site level I have validated that the site's .htaccess files are identical.

    I have validated that the da created httpd.conf files found in
    are identical except for IP addreses, paths, etc.

    I cannot remember the trick I did? Can anyone help?


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    Hello Nemo,

    I believe previously you achieved it with Multiviews enabled in Apache, which is disabled now by default. It's considered to of a high risk now.

    The same behaviors can be safely achieved with mod_rewrite.
    Regards, Alex G.

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    Mod_rewrite is the correct solution for your case. You can add this in .htaccess file:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule something something.php [L]
    When you visit yourdomain.dom/something it will load yourdomain.dom/something.php

    Add more lines for more files.

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    @zEitEr, On a default DirectAdmin Apache 2.4.38 install it works just fine using MultiViews in .htaccess. I have tested by adding this to .htaccess

    Options +MultiViews
    And it works correct. You can then browse to www.yourdomain.tld/filename without any extension at the end.

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    Final Answer

    Thanks to Alex and Ditto for your help.

    I wanted this option to work on all sites on my server, without having to go through adding to dozens of .htaccess files.

    The global solution was to modify

    and to change the line
    Options -MultiViews
    Options +MultiViews

    Works like a champ! Thanks guys.

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