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Thread: DirectAdmin 1.57.4 - Release Candidate

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    DirectAdmin 1.57.4 - Release Candidate


    We're pleased to announce the release candidate for DirectAdmin 1.57.4.

    Version: 1.57.4 RC1

    All changes are listed here:

    This contains a few minor bugfixes and changes to the script, saving the need for ssh access during a migration.
    If you are planning on doing a migration, be sure to update to version 0.0.11 of the script, if it's already been downloaded to:

    If it has not yet been downloaded, DA will run "./build update; ./build cpanel_to_da" for you, to ensure it has something to work with.
    If that fails and you have the old /root/cpanel_to_da/* files, DA will fall-back to use it (unlikely, not recommended to rely on, as it would be an older script).

    As there are not any major changes, this testing phase will be fairly short, possibly with the full release anywhere from 12-24 hours from now.


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    Damn thigs working fast i see now :

    Server Version 1.57.4
    Current Available Version 1.575000

    Any changelog for 1.57.5 ?

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