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Thread: building exim_conf results in exim no longer listening on ports 25 587 and 465

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    building exim_conf results in exim no longer listening on ports 25 587 and 465

    After I run ./build exim_conf my mail server stops responding on ports 25 587 and 465.

    I tracked the issue down to the exim.variables.conf file showing the daemon_smtp_ports option on the same line as one of the comments.
    The top of my exim.variables.conf looks like the below.

    #Do not edit this file directly
    #edit /etc/exim.variables.conf.custom
    #Use this file for custom exim configsdaemon_smtp_ports=25 : 587 : 465
    I can edit the exim.variables.conf file and move the daemon_smtp_ports=25 : 587 : 465 down a line, restart exim and everything works again.
    I'm not sure if this is a bug on my server or in the Custombuild script.

    Custombuild version is 2.0.0 (rev: 2139)
    Directadmin 1.58.1
    CentOS release 6.10
    Exim version 4.92.1

    I recently updated to Custombuild 2 from an older 1.5.
    Everything was working until I tried enabling mail_sni using the steps here:

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    Try the following and let us know if the issue persists.

    cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
    ./build set exim yes
    ./build set eximconf yes
    ./build set eximconf_release 4.5
    ./build exim
    ./build exim_conf
    ./build set dovecot yes
    ./build set dovecot_conf yes
    ./build dovecot
    ./build dovecot_conf
    Regards, Alex G.

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    Hi Alex,

    After doing a bit of digging I found that the issue was that I had created a /etc/exim.variables.conf.custom file and had added the comment #Use this file for custom exim configs.

    When ./build exim_conf is run it merges exim.variables.conf.default and exim.variables.conf.custom into exim.variables.conf

    I just needed to add a line break after my comment in exim.variables.conf.custom and that solved it.

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