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Thread: Clarification Regarding RBL Customization DA Documentation

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    Clarification Regarding RBL Customization DA Documentation

    Hi all!

    I've got a quick question.

    In the following, it states that exim.strings.conf.custom is used for changes to the SMTP output messages and that exim.variables.conf.custom is used for changes to the exim behavior/functionality:

    The following states that one should use custom.strings.conf.custom to customize the RBLs:

    But it also refers to the RBL list as a variable. If the RBL list has been changed to a variable near the top of the /etc/exim.conf and can be overwritten by setting the variable again, then wouldn't we edit exim.variables.conf.custom instead of exim.strings.conf.custom?

    Should i just follow the instructions as written and stop reading too much into this?

    Thanks, y'all.

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    Use /etc/exim.strings.conf.custom to overwrite values in /etc/exim.strings.conf, and /etc/exim.variables.conf.custom to overwrite changes in /etc/exim.variables.conf.default

    The files are processed differently, content of
    /etc/exim.variables.conf.default and /etc/exim.variables.conf.custom will be combined to /etc/exim.variables.conf, and the latest will be included in exim.conf:

    .include /etc/exim.variables.conf
    The files /etc/exim.strings.conf /etc/exim.strings.conf.custom are both included into exim.conf:

    .include /etc/exim.strings.conf
    .include_if_exists /etc/exim.strings.conf.custom
    Regards, Alex G.

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    Thanks zEitEr! I did read too much into the terminology used in the help articles.

    I did some testing by setting one server up as a RBL and sending to another that I configured with my pretend RBL customization and I can confirm that the DA directions are correct. Trying to place the RBL list in exim.variables.conf.custom and buidling exim_conf leads to the following errors in Exim's paniclog:

    2019-09-29 23:45:06 Exim configuration error:
    macro "RBL_DNS_LIST" is already defined (use "==" if you want to redefine it)

    Placing customizations in exim.strings.conf.custom and restarting Exim works just fine:

    rejected RCPT <admin@redacted.tld>: Email blocked by mypretendRBL.tld

    Actually, I did even more testing, and it turns out that it doesn't matter where you put the RBL list (exim.strings.conf.custom or exim.variables.conf.custom) as long as you use the strings customization syntax of '=='. I guess that is what you was trying to say by pointing out that both files will be included in the exim configuration regardless.

    Thanks so much!

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