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  1. Please Read before posting
  2. SpamBlocker3 includes Clam-AV support
  3. SpamBlocker3 exim.conf file now ready for Beta testing
  4. Greylisting Code? Anti-Dictionary-Attack code?
  5. Changelog
  6. RBL Checks
  7. dspam implementation?
  8. Potential bug in First Release
  9. Adjustments and Stuff
  10. all email being blocked
  11. Adding bounce spam rejectiion
  12. cannot receive mail from yahoo, gmail...
  13. clam av in SB 3
  14. image spam preventing
  15. Possible blacklist of recipients (domains)?
  16. Calling Spamd in ACL
  17. Whitelist a client?
  18. Whitelist Sender
  19. Fight image spam
  20. I'm having serious problems with SB3?
  21. Current test results
  22. How to remove Clam AV from SpamBlocker 3
  23. SpamBlocker3 ETA and general help...
  24. Hotmail denied
  25. Howto test
  26. clamav
  27. New Beta has been delayed
  28. RBL and catchall problem
  29. Too many addresses in To field?
  30. Question about ACL
  31. ACL order of operations
  32. Installation...
  33. Updates
  34. Is my SpamBlocker working?
  35. Reminders to Jeff
  36. Problem (Potential bug ??) With Spamblocker3
  37. SpamBlocker3.1-beta is ready
  38. Question about spamblocker 3
  39. How to install spamblocker?
  40. which whitelist file?
  41. use php mail function to send email is now sent by user@server-hostname
  42. SA bypassed?
  43. backscatter issue with exim config??
  44. blacklist_domains wildcards
  45. Ready to use in production?
  46. Last Call for Requests
  47. Still allot of spam :(
  48. SpamBlocker Version 3.1-RC Now Ready for Testing
  49. SpamBlocker 3.2.3-RC now ready for testing
  50. SpamBlocker 3.2.4-RC now ready for testing
  51. require verify = sender
  52. dnswl.org whitelist contains spamming servers
  53. Automatically add additional info when you block an IP by using a RBL
  54. Blocklists: Which work, which don't, etc.
  55. Phishing and Scam Signatures for ClamAV?
  56. SpamBlocker Not working As Intended
  57. SpamBlocker
  58. Suggestion using conditional skips for things like the antivirus and the antispam
  59. SpamBlocker 3.2.5-RC now ready for testing
  60. Default to no RBL blocking or yes RBL blocking?
  61. Suggestion for ClamAV
  62. Last call for changes/additions
  63. Suggestion: Remove Paypal specific code, replace with dkim signature verification
  64. HELO should be a FQDN error
  65. question about acl_connect
  66. Email to/from local domains not working after installing SB3
  67. Error in log
  68. Feature Freeze
  69. SpamBlocker 3.2.6-RC now ready for testing
  70. HELO should be a FQDN or address literal
  71. Suggestion: Move some of the blacklists to acl_connect
  72. Need some suggestions
  73. ahbl blocking godaddy
  74. Bounced mails from <> to non-existing local users
  75. PostMaster / Hostmaster Problems...
  76. Emergency SpamBlocker3 release candidate update
  77. MailPolice Gone
  78. blacklist domains
  79. Backscatter caused by over quota condition
  80. Untrested Set Sender
  81. Add DKIM support to exim.conf?
  82. SORBS false positives. Kill sorbs or spam blocker?
  83. Blocking file extensions inside of zip & rar files.
  84. SpamBlocker3 Development Closed & In Final Testing
  85. SpamBlocker3 is now closed
  86. whitelist
  87. need help about sender from local server