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  1. Evolution Skin - RULES!
  2. Opinion
  3. Bugs new skin
  4. Translations
  5. Regarding the new evolution skin
  6. Ui/ux
  7. How can I test the Beta / RC Version of Evolution
  8. Skin is dead ?
  9. Evolution theme
  10. Some suggestions for the new skin
  11. dns templates
  12. Ecolution bug
  13. Display Bugs in Microsoft Edge
  14. navigation display/load too slow for the new skin Evolution
  15. Mobile version
  16. How would I install the evolution skin?
  17. Translations
  18. Bugs
  19. PHP Selector problem
  20. where to follow updates/new releases evolution skin
  21. New Skin with OLD Login?
  22. Bug Login + Annoying Load Effect
  23. Customize Login Page Evolution Skin
  24. Login as admin in user account; old skin
  25. Blank screen after install Evolution Skin & Apply to admin user
  26. KB instead of GB
  27. Still not possible to authenticate and edit files through file editor
  28. CSS Issue - Please add background to record type dropdown so that it's not transparen
  29. What about the possibility of RTL support
  30. Dnssec
  31. error I can't login
  32. Too much space for non-functional buttons/icons in grid view
  33. Sabe Button is not work at the skin setting.
  34. SpamAssassin custom threshold value not saved properly
  35. Exim alert after installing Evolution skin
  36. Reset email usage is not appearing in Evolution Skin
  37. Evolution Skin Problem
  38. blank directadmin after install evolution skin
  39. can´t login anymore
  40. Critical bug/error
  41. Issues Evolution skin + SSL?
  42. Where are private_html setup for using SSL and PHP version chooser in Evolution skin?
  43. Wrong bandwidth suspension in new DA
  44. bug - dns zone (multi server setup)
  45. Extract compressed file seems does not working
  46. After Login got blank
  47. Ressler List problem
  48. error in Service Monitor
  49. Problems with Redis plugin
  50. Installatron issues
  51. FTP Accounts in FTP Management
  52. user-stats-domain error
  53. Error while deleting files and folders with Evolution Skin
  54. Login as user is not working
  55. Error Captured inside render on “all-users”
  56. Evolution forces double attempt for signing in
  57. Where is extract compress files option?
  58. Qestions for new skin
  59. Custom Logo with Evolution skin
  60. field field on the View user page
  61. bug? Cannot Add Record You must provide a valid name and value
  62. Error Captured inside render on “translate” CLOSE REPORT BACK
  63. Evolution skin beta eta?
  64. Doesn't work at all
  65. Plugin hooks issues
  66. Set new color for back links
  67. Login page translation
  68. skin not loading
  69. Strange behaviour
  70. Unable to create Forward Pipe Mails to executable file.
  71. Pre bark, please.
  72. Firefox under Linux
  73. Skin Options Reset to internal defaults
  74. Separate menu-level translation
  75. New messages not appearing
  76. Notifications and Lets Encrypt
  77. Certificate Entries Check box not disabled
  78. Date format
  79. BUG - FTP Management
  80. DNS erros
  81. Subdomain logs disappeared
  82. Verify License
  83. Bug in All Users widget
  84. Bug in Mysql section
  85. Show All Users lags in browsers
  86. The infamous X error screen appearing without a good reason
  87. Cron options are displayed when disabled
  88. Database widget broken
  89. Where are Logs?
  90. White screen
  91. Problem with new skin
  92. Hey, Please help me with the steps for using Evolution skin.
  93. Customize HTTP page: Error Captured inside render on
  94. Account Manager in Reseller and User panel
  95. Email sending for the users
  96. Disk usage problem
  97. Cannot add forwarder for e-mail pipping
  98. Wrong z-index in requesters
  99. Forgot Password
  100. Skin fully broken in terms of design
  101. Change logo size?
  102. An own pasted SSL certificate will show up wrong after loading
  103. Max limit User can set per E-mail
  104. filemanager problem
  105. Filemanader on the admin
  106. System Info shows no HDD info?
  107. feature request / bugs
  108. Theme Loading issue
  109. Schedule Backup blank screen on reseller level
  110. Possibility to hide Create/Restore Backups from users
  111. PHP Selector page gives "TypeError: this.$api.versions is undefined"
  112. Plugins and new skin
  113. Issue not showing disk & bandwidth limits
  114. Can't delete subdomain
  115. Error when trying to view login key logs
  116. Change default language login screen
  117. Mark messages as read in two attempts
  118. wrong disk space and bandwidth usage in Evolution Skin
  119. paste root cert problem
  120. Error on the default user page
  121. httpd configuration: custom pre/post not shown
  122. Missing 'n' after adding user
  123. where is new skin menu conf file
  124. language files
  125. How do I know if I am running the latest version?
  126. Backup/restore settings notsaving
  127. ticket system problem
  128. Installatron
  129. Admin-user can't delete own user subdomain with Evolution skin
  130. Dns problem on Evolution Skin
  131. Where can we find the 'custom_domain_items'
  132. Trying to add a new server on Multi Server Setup page returns an error
  133. Domain-Link in new window
  134. New Two Factor setup: No button for "Generate Secret Key"
  135. Remove the "+ Add new" prompt on the Domain Setup widget when limit is met?
  136. Search options for the Mail Queue Administration page
  137. Adding the Password Changed info to the usage tooltip on the e-mail page
  138. Bugs on mobile
  139. skin request (softaculous)
  140. Login page - click Twice
  141. How to search in file editor
  142. Multi server setup
  143. search problem
  144. cannot upload files
  145. Addin plugins
  146. error log problem
  147. Scrollbar cut of on users list
  148. general design suggestions
  149. SSL Certificates always defaults to Use the server's certificate
  150. Two-Step Authentication and Manage Security Questions not accessible anymore
  151. 404 with links in admin mails to CMD_TICKET page
  152. Can not change mail password with new skin.
  153. Tooltip on "leave dns" when removing user
  154. Loading the System Backup page displays Error Captured
  155. Confusing SSL Certificates page
  156. IP Information links on Brute Force Monitor page missing?
  157. Filemanager
  158. Page loading seems slow?
  159. Internal language files in english
  160. Evo skin doesn't seem to like lowercase n in custom templates
  161. Log viewer
  162. Cannot add multiple ip4 mechanisms to an SPF record and some other SPF-related things
  163. Missing Evolution stylesheets after fresh DirectAdmin install
  164. File Manager Bugs
  165. Issues with the System Backup page
  166. Design not save under user inside ressller
  167. Resend Welcome E-mail
  168. cron-jobs - user as link
  169. Top search for E-mail of user when create
  170. DNSSEC Keys aren't generated
  171. Mail Queue Administration > not order by Sender
  172. Modify Backup Schedule > can't click on top menu
  173. Schedule Backup > list users > SCROLL PAGE
  174. Nav buttons also on top tables
  175. Access level switch showing on simple user
  176. Wrong word on Restore Backup page
  177. ssl menu Key Size (bits) selection problem
  178. User domain(s) as link
  179. All users sort by Suspended
  180. Default E-mail Send Limit Wrong
  181. Impossible to scroll with mobile
  182. Details for user page, Usage Statistics tab arranging
  183. Wrong databases count on admin account, user level
  184. Schedule Backup > WHEN bug
  185. Language for user only shows EN after installing evolution language pack nl
  186. Selecting a dropdown doesn't work
  187. Where does the widget component stand currently in terms of completion?
  188. Global config.json?
  189. Plugin width bug
  190. widget suggestions
  191. CHANGE LIMIT/QUOTA > can't save
  192. No sort applied to Mail Queue Administration by default, meaning randomized returns
  193. POST issue in plugins
  194. Error Captured inside nextTick on “main-menu-category”
  195. No Extract option in filemanager
  196. Filemanager unresponsive on certain site
  197. Desktop view on mobile browser
  198. File Manager load, Character encoding, level change issue
  199. Odd default sort applied to User History
  200. If wrong sorry bu please update text
  201. File manager - download file
  202. Comodo WAF plugin unresponsive
  203. SFP record not possible to include more domains
  204. Evolution skin staple enough to run on a production server?
  205. Actions dropdown menu not opening on mobile
  206. Little language bug
  207. Cron section suggestion
  208. Missing step for manual installation of skin on Evolution page?
  209. Empty users list after creating new user
  210. File manager slow loading / blocking browser
  211. private_html setup for domain missing
  212. No button to add widgets?
  213. Admin Backup/Transfer problem
  214. How to load a 3rd party JS library into a widget for a plugin?
  215. Wrong bottom link on plugin pages
  216. Wrong location for favicon.ico under Evolution skin?
  217. Filemanager bug
  218. How to remove "Password" link in drop down menu?
  219. Word break for long cron job fields
  220. Latest skin release issue
  221. E-Mail Accounts - Email Manager - Accounts are wrong
  222. Edit/view file option in Filemanager
  223. RTL-Support
  224. Delete links in menu
  225. SSL and various domains
  226. Admin backup in progress page bug
  227. File manager file details
  228. MX-records missing value field
  229. php selector error!
  230. Login browser not asking to remember password
  231. search not working
  232. Bug Reporting
  233. Allocated space on Server Statistics
  234. Request: Link as button
  235. CSS bug on SSL certificates page
  236. Banning single IP
  237. That skin cannot be customized. It's skin.conf requires config_json=1
  238. BUG on Microsoft Edge
  239. Evolution ignores custom domain variable's accessibility options
  240. Is it a bug?
  241. Filemanager download bug
  242. Unable to access DirectAdmin via login keys
  243. SFTP backup error
  244. Bug in popup window
  245. Bug in fields hints
  246. customize template section needed
  247. Uknown item [object Object] in backup settings information
  248. Margin appears on email account page
  249. Editing domain pointer DNS
  250. Bug in signed in user level