View Full Version : Disk quotas aren't reported properly

11-29-2005, 09:15 AM
- Server is running FreeBSD 5.4
- /home is symlinked to /usr/home, /usr has quotas enabled, quotas compiled into kernel
- in directadmin.conf I have quota_partition=/usr
- repquota /usr shows proper disk usage and quotas on /usr
- DirectAdmin on the other hand shows the sum of email and database disk usage...

Name Creator Bandwidth Disk Usage # of Domains Suspended IP Domain(s) Select
xxxxx admin 10337.6 / unlimited 33.9 / 500 1 / unlimited No x.x.x.x xxxxxxxx.net

User details--

Domain Bandwidth Disk Usage Log Usage Subdomains Suspended
xxxxxxx.net 10327.1 / unlimited 117.174 0 2 no

Total Disk Usage (meg) 33.9 500
Email Disk Usage 5.12 MB
Database Disk Usage 28.8 MB

Any ideas?

DirectAdmin Support
11-30-2005, 11:10 PM

1) make sure /home/tmp is chmod 1777.
2) what is the output of
quota -v username3) and
repquota /usr | grep username

This guide may help somewhat, but you might have already found it, as you mentioned your directadmin.conf is already set correctly.

With the info you've provided.. 1) might be the only on that might apply.