View Full Version : Slave DNS for DA servers

03-28-2006, 10:42 AM
After six and a half years of offering master and slave DNS services, we're now offering automated Slave DNS solutions for DirectAdmin-based servers.

We currently host DNS for over 6,000 domains and we're happy to be able to make this fully-automated solution available to the DA-using community.

We use our free Master2Slave DNS solution which we've already provided to the DA community, and we'll automatically slave all your domains at dedicated nameservers; one in the U.S. and one in Europe. Both of these dedicated nameservers are non-caching nameservers running BIND in a secure environment.

You can advertise either one or both. with NS records in your zone files using either our ns-one domain name or your own nameserver names.

You can install Master2Slave as a master on your DA server(s) or you can have us do the install for you for us$25 per nameserver.

The price per domain per month varies based on the number of domains we slave for you.

For more information and pricing please write to slavedns@nobaloney.net or call me at the telephone number below in my sig.