View Full Version : List & Rating & Customer Reviews of DirectAdmin Hosts

04-02-2006, 01:35 AM
I am launching a DirectAdmin Hosts Directory.

URL Pending finish of site design, but is operational.

It has been said in this forums before that using directadmin.com/forum to promote your services will lead to price and flame wars, etc. I hope this avoids that.

The site will be advertiser supported, but will list STRICTLY DirectAdmin hosts ONLY. If you happen to offer something ELSE, well, that's ok. But if you don't offer DA hosting, I will not let you post your plans. To avoid a conflict of interest, I am not listing my own plans.

The site is powered by Joomla 1.0.8 and the http://www.joomlaratings.com/ plugin.

It will be modeled somewhat after tophosts.com.

I have some ideas as to what features customers should rate sites for, but I'd like DA hosts input. After all, it is for all of us.

For now some ideas:

Customer Support (which to me is more important than price)
Spam Blocking

A forum is in the works.

Suggested additions, deletions?