View Full Version : problem using API on the Command Line

08-17-2006, 08:25 AM
I used the CMD_API_SITE_BACKUP to create my
backup.php script. I can run it from a browser just fine and the backup will run. I can see the backup being completed as I refresh my browser while in File Manager.

I went to the CL and typed
php backup.php
while I was in the same directory as the file.
It just gave me another blank line.
I waited but it didn't work. PHP is fine on the command line as I can add a

<?php echo "Tesing"; ?>
and see that just fine.

I am using the httpsocket.php class.
Here is my code that I have for it.


include 'httpsocket.php';

$sock = new HTTPSocket;
'action' => 'backup',
'domain' => 'clksite.com',
'select0' => 'domain',
'select1' => 'subdomain',
'select2' => 'email',
'select3' => 'forwarder',
'select4' => 'autoresponder',
'select5' => 'vacation',
'select6' => 'list',
'select7' => 'emailsettings',
'select8' => 'ftp',
'select9' => 'ftpsettings',
'select10' => 'database',
'create' => 'Create'

//$result = $sock->fetch_body();
//echo $result;

Is there something that I am doing wrong here? Is my code ok?(I used the examples that came with the httpsocket.php)
The only problem that I ran into in the coding was for the "Create Backup" button which didn't have a name assigned to it so I left it like it was.

At first I did get some errors in the httpsocket.php but I commented them out. It was on line 306. The backukp still ran just fine from the browser even with the errors.

06-15-2007, 01:13 PM
I had the same problem. It went better when I used GET i.s.o. POST. And used CMD_API_SITE_BACKUP i.s.o CMD_SITE_BACKUP. The last line with the create I left out.