View Full Version : "You do not own that domain"

10-22-2006, 04:22 AM
I am trying to create a POP e-mail account with the command below but I keep getting the error message
"You do not own that domain"

$sock = new HTTPSocket();
$sock->connect('ssl://localhost', 2222);

'action' => 'create',
'domain' => $domain, // i.e. 'mydomain.com'
'user' => $username, // i.e. 'john'
'passwd' => $password,
'passwd2' => $password,
'create' => 'Create'
$result = $sock->fetch_body();
Does anyone know what might cause this error?
I have, off course, first created the account 'mydomain.com' so the error message makes no sense to me.

There are several posts on this forum that feature the same error message, but they did not provide a solution for this particular problem.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

10-22-2006, 04:51 AM
I have found the solution: apparently creating an e-mail account using the API cannot be done by the administrator but must be done by the user.

$sock->set_login($username, $userpassword);