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01-26-2004, 08:55 PM
Ok a few Network Admin that are friends of mine were out last week and we all agreed to post this somewhere. With the low volume of the board it is the perfect place to get our idea out and be tweaked.


Our idea is what we need to all MTA's to switch to a new idea. We need to have trust among MTA's and ban those who don't cooperate.

Here is how you start, all the root servers add a new record. MX or something like that. You will need to associate IP to a name. This will be done exactly like we do with nameservers. You will HAVE to have a registed domain and that added to the root server. You can have more than one.

Now if all the MTA's check the ip through the root servers and reverse ip from your DNS servers. It all needs to match up to recieve email.

Now if someone sends out spam it is marked in a new blacklist & whitelist. This list would need to be run by a Network Solutions or ICANN etc. Anyone would be able to download a copy of the lists to make a mirror.

We need a set of rules, so that if congress/ftc says all spam needs to be marked as SPAM. If not and lets say x number of people complain then you are added to the blacklist. (Rules would be needed to get off).

Whitelist would be used like the current phone list. The difference is you need to opt-in to spam.


This is real rought. Your ideas would help us make a better plan and find all the many flaws in our idea.


02-12-2004, 10:58 AM
Nice idea although it would take a long time, effort and money to produce but would that balance out with the amount of spam that is being sent at the moment. I understand your idea but it would be better if it would actually work. You see the problem with spam is that no matter how many e-mail adresses you block companies and businesses can easily make more to still send you spam so how would you get round that problem?

Another thing is that who are you going to hire that will sit there detecting whether mail is spam or not? Not many people will want ot do that job unless they get really bored! No offence.
I think the easiest way to get round spam is for people to be aware of what there doing when there signing up to certain things. You could always bring in an internet law that states if i business sends you spam without any recognition of you signing up for it then you can fine them or something like that.
Thats my idea, hope I didn't offend you in anyway,


02-12-2004, 08:40 PM
A long time yes but money and effort na...it would be easy to implement. I might not be clear and have not revised the idea. For the ICANN to add that record it would take moments but would take a little longer for the Registrants to add that MX field to their websites to submit.

The idea is NOT to block but rather verify legit servers.

Under our idea all MTA's should:
a) Be able to block all open relays
b) Do reverse lookups via whois to verfication
c) Be able to read master blacklist

Who do we hire...this is the simple. We hire people to handle spam now. All they do is check the spam and filtering on servers. You don't think that happens call any medium size ISP today and ask to speak to someone who handles spam on a pt/ft basis.

Not offended I was looking for more critism. We want to get the idea technically tweaked. As for your idea, that will never work. Its the Internet not the US you can just make a law. It will NEVER apply to everyone. The biggest problem with our idea is the blacklist. We need to have people figure out the rules for a master blacklist so that people can get on and off in a easy manner.