View Full Version : problem with phpmyadmin on freebsd6.2

08-11-2007, 07:18 AM
I installed a fresh freebsd, including directadmin.
Now i have a problem with phpmyadmin:
The tables wich are named [tablename] are not updated when i change a value:(
normal named tables word fine....
I can edit it', search and everyting but when i update it is just doesnt work..

If i run the statement in sql it works fine (update [users] set bla = 'value')

I have 3 machines running same versions and all have teh same error..
My first idea was that my firewall caused it but that's not the case since 1 server in nog behind the firewall
Can anyne help me?

Freebsd 6.2
phpMyAdmin - 2.10.2
Php4 on 1 machine php5