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10-05-2007, 10:25 PM
I have a VPS plan as of right now and I am very dissappointed with its performance. I have a script that runs every morning on two different servers this script has been working solidly on a basic account with ssh access for 4 months now!! The same script generates this error 3-5 out of the 6 six days it runs "ncftpget: cannot open ftp.fcc.gov: unknown host." it downloads a 4KB to 100KB file each day most days less than 50KB it is real simple and keeps a database of Amateur Radio operators up to date.

I have login problems every other day with getting into the VPS and I have sent 3 different emails on different ocassions regarding the entire server being down in the past two months and all the sites along with it, for like a couple hours at a time around 8-10pm Central, it is getting out of control.

I have tried this host I am with now and a company called 1 and 1 which I just dread dealing with because the server was so slow. As far as dealing with the server goes when it is up it is very fast and I have lots of memory 256mb compared to my measly 16 with 1and1 and they charge more than my current host does. Anyway I am not a resource hog! I have only three paid clients. My sites hardly get visited much less need a ton of bandwidth. I just want it to work without breaking the bank (What little of a bank I have anyway) I want DirectAdmin no matter what I really like the way it performs. Other than that I dont need a power house of a server.

Sorry to be so long winded if anyone knows where I can find such a place I would love to switch. I just have to have a VPS because I enjoy what I have learned about linux in the past 9 months and I want to keep it up so that I can continue to grow and I like to play with installing new features on the VPS. Thank you for any assistance anyone may have!! I will take any PM's from people regarding this issue. Thank you!!!

Chad Taylor

On the 7th day that the other scripts arent ran (Sunday) it downloads the entire database over again just be sure it is up to date!! That download is 80MB so even with that I dont have a lot of bandwidth just wanted everyone to know before they go quoting me something blindly.

10-09-2007, 03:25 PM
Thank you everyone for the advice and pricing. I am no longer in need of services. Thank you...