View Full Version : domxml_xmltree compiling php4 with custombuild

01-25-2008, 12:12 AM

I have custombuild running, with php4 and php5 in CGI/FastCGI.

Everything is working just fine, but i want to compile "domxml_xmltree" for PHP4.

How do i do this? i have added the param in the custom build config but it does not seem to work.

And, when i want to compile this package within php4, and run ./build php clean, then php5 is recompiling too, can i do just php4 ?

when i request info with phpinfo(); on php4 i see this:
PHP Version 4.4.7
Configuration File (php.ini) Path :

is that correct?

Anyone has any idea's?

03-31-2008, 01:52 PM
Just do:
./build used_configs

And you will see what configuration files you need to edit. Just to recompile php4 or php5 use one of the following commands:

./build php5-cgi
./build php5-cli
./build php4-cgi
./build php4-cli

Note that these commands don't touch any configuration files, so, if you change anything in the options.conf file - use "./build php n" instead of these.