View Full Version : Monthly Linux Server Administration and DirectAdmin Support

02-02-2012, 11:59 AM
Experienced with Directadmin since 2005

What I can do for you:

tweak services for better performance
configure services to be more secure
combine software to get the best from hardware
fix various issues on servers
locate cause of problem
daily monitoring your server
monthly updates of software, if required
basic anti DoS/DDoS protection

Once-time job and monthly subscription are available to you.

Additional support can be offered for: NGINX (as a reverse proxy server) or stand-alone web server, OpenVZ, XEN, KVM.

See my details by links:

# Monthly Linux Server Administration. (http://plugins-da.net/administrators/)
# One-time job and DirectAdmin Support . (http://plugins-da.net/administrators/)
# Third-Party custom and ready Plugins for Directadmin (http://plugins-da.net/).