View Full Version : LMTP idling - What is that?

Richard G
03-15-2016, 10:29 AM
I get these messages of CSF:

Time: Tue Mar 15 18:01:06 2016 +0100
Account: foobar
Resource: Process Time
Exceeded: 3577 > 1800 (seconds)
Executable: /usr/libexec/dovecot/lmtp
Command Line: dovecot/lmtp [idling]
PID: 7071 (Parent PID:7030)
Killed: No
Now I know that I can put this in the csf.pignore, but we don't have this in csf.pignore on any other server in the csf.pignore.
Is this something to worry about or can I safely add this process to the csf.pignore file?

03-15-2016, 12:19 PM
You can safely add it to csf.pignore :)