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    Bought license but already expired?

    Ugh - why don't they just put in the damn purchase instructions that licenses will become active sometime after you purchase and not instant. Sheesh, that seems so easy. Yes, that was my problem. Took a couple of hours to show up as active. Meh.
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    Bought license but already expired?

    I just purchased a minimal license (no support) and paid for the year, but the license shows as not-active. There is no balance due, and of course it won't let me submit a formal ticket since this license does not support that, but you should be able to create a ticket if the license won't even...
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    roundcube password change error - DA appears to be using SSL. Change your script to connect to ssl:

    Hi all, Getting strange error if users try to change PW in roundcube (as shown in subject). Any ideas? I have Let's Encrypt running for the server which is all fine and good, can send and receive email, but if a user tries to change their PW - they get that error and it does not change? Oh and...
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    Problem with email accounts - cannot login

    DItto. What's going on? The error is: User not found from any userdbs
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    A way to block local user?

    I have searched and search - no luck. I have a local user that owns a domain. It of course created as a username. Now, although it could be an infected WP issue, which I am still investigated, BUT, it seems that likes to SPAM...
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    Your license OS (CentOS 6) does not match the OS installed (CentOS 7).

    Why am I getting this error when I did a clean install of CentOS 7 on 2 servers. One works flawlessly, and one shows this error when I do ./build versions? Thanks Kat
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    Spam, but not spam related

    I was thinking I was going to post this in one of the spam forums, but I don't really think it is related. Here is why. Had DA with Custombuild 2.0 build running on CentOS 6.10 - and was working nicely for years - and all spam features working flawlessly. Upgraded server (same physical...
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    CB 2.0 broke roundcube?

    Hi, Been going through the threads and can't really find anything about it, but I recently (ok, so I am late) updated to CB 2.0 and when I did, it seems roundcube is no longer working since it got upgraded to 1.3.4 my users are seeing: CONFIGURATION ERROR was not found. Please...
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    weird - domain/email issue (email at gmail)

    Ok, here is a strange problem I am banging my head against a wall. I have 3 systems, all with DA. One of the systems is running a domain for a client but DNS is on the registrar's system. Email is also hosted at gmail. So basically the DNS entry points to my server, and the MX records point to...
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    2 users managing single domain

    I have googled around, but nothing specific. I have a company owner, and a web designer that want to both manage the domain. There must be a way to give admin rights to 2 users for a domain? Or at least so the company owner can manage all the email addresses? thanks Kat
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    Upgrading in place?

    Hi all, If running DA on CentOs 6.9, can one still do an in-place upgrade to CentOs 7 and DA will continue to function? Cheers
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    ServerAlias shows old content?

    I have a very strange problem. Well I think it is strange at least. I setup a client website which works OK. But, setting up a serveralias delivers the wrong content, i.e. older content. I can't for the life of me figure out why. An example is - because there are 3 servers in a pool, each one...