Bug with latest update free bsd 7

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The "E-Mail Accounts" under email management part of the domains are not working .It is sending unknown request to the directadmin server. Please see the logs below,
3/03/2012:08:05:23 GET /IMG_FOOTER_BAR HTTP/1.1 admin
13/03/2012:08:05:25 GET /CMD_EMAIL_POP HTTP/1.1 admin
13/03/2012:08:07:37 BAD REQUEST unknown
13/03/2012:08:08:17 BAD REQUEST unknown
13/03/2012:08:09:01 BAD REQUEST unknown
13/03/2012:08:10:35 BAD REQUEST unknown

To recreate the issue logins to the admin then click on "user level" -> Then click a domain and go to "E-Mail Accounts"

Any one have any fix for this.?
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