Can't ping DNS after upgrade from 6.3 -> 6.4


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I just upgraded my system from FreeBSD 6.3 to 6.4. I thought everything was going well but now I can't ping my name servers.

I know the server is on the Internet because I can access sites that I was accessing before the upgrade but sites i have not visited in a while are not coming up.


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Perhaps the firewall in 6.4 doesn't allow pings. Perhaps it doesn't allow nameserver traffic (port 53, in and out, both TCP/IP and UDP).

Since you haven't given us any site names it's impossible to help you with that.

Presuming your nameservers on the same physical server, the ping has nothing to do with the specific service; ping isn't looking at port 53).

However you should also make sure that your nameserver is running.



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It ended up being an issue with the named conf file. I misread a line and had all DNS requests going to my loopback device.

I thought that line was from the existing conf file so I screwed up.


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Cant ping DNS after upgrade from 6 3 t 6 4

your ping is really high but you cant do anything about it unless id decides to host servers in south america. I am sure they will during the open beta though.