gives "No input file specified" after SuPHP+open_basedir

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Verified User gives "No input file specified" after SuPHP+open_basedir

Dear friends
Our php mode is suphp and we realized that the open_basedir flah is not working with suphp
So for avoiding user's to have access to other user's directories we were forced to implement the OLD WAY procedure of this article:

So each user has a php.ini file under /home/$USER/ and in it we have defined the open_basedir as:

Also for giving access to the webmail and phpmyadmin websites we defined the open_basedir path of the the main PHP.INI of server like this:

Main php.ini ===> /usr/local/etc/php5/cgi/php.ini

Users can open webmail from:
But they can't open webmail from ( No input file specified. )

phpMyAdmin is only accessible from SERVERip/phpMyAdmin and we can't open the phpMyAdmin from

We can make it possible to open the phpMyAdmin from by changing dns template and virtual host (just like what we did for

But we want to know why the phpMyAdmin is accessible from

but we are not able to open it using ====> error message: ( No input file specified. )


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More secure would be to add this part into individual php.ini files:

I've done a quick test and though it worked, there might be issues, so please test it more careful.


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or redirect all requests from to http://hostname/roundcube
For what it's worth, I'd prefer to do it this way except to use https to take advantage of the shared server Certificate and use SSL login for Roundcube.

Have you found a place to put this configuration so it will stick, and work with all new domains and through updates?

If easy enough, I'd like to see this as a configurable DirectAdmin option, just as we now have for DirectAdmin control panel login.

Any comments?



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It has been discussed here many times already. It is already implemented in CB 2.0, so you may use auto redirect to hostname.
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