FreeBSD DA quota problem


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I have a problem with showing quota in DA panel.
In user statistic (genesis user for example, but it's a problem for all users) DA show me 1,72 MB disc usage. In statistics frame, when I go to details frame and uncheck "Hide no quota" I see 473.1 MB genesis owned files in /home/genesis/domains/
It's the exactly what I see in my FreeBSD quota.
(look at my attachments)
When I do refresh stats i have this line in my error DA logs :
2012:03:21-11:35:15: File ./data/users/genesis/user.usage has been written to after this process read it. Not going to overwrite it.
My panel version is 1.403 , FreeBSD 8.2 x64

I'd be glad if You can help me.
Best regards