FreeBSD network problem


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I'm trying to et a FreeBSD 7,4 (I386) ready for installing DA, I've spent a week now and I have tried just about everything.

The problem is the ip configuration.

My setup is this:

I've bought an global ip from my isp.
Router IP: XX.XX.XX.73

This works: (Uses NAT)
DSL Modem (has 1 global ip, no dhcp) --> D-Link router --> FreeBSD

This does not work: (Uses the global ip directly on the interface)
DSL Modem (has 1 global ip, no dhcp) --> FreeBSD

I have tried testing with an XP with a webserver on port 80, and that works, so there is not a problem with the DSL modem.

Problem is that the first configuration uses NAT, and then DA wont install, I have to assign the static global ip directly on the network interface on the FreeBSD. When I do that I cant ssh to teh server anymore, I just dont get it, its almost like there is something on the FreeBSD that blocks connections when a external ip is assigned.

Can anyone show me a configuration that works?


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Did you set up what you call the FreeBSD IP on your main network interface in the FreeBSD machine?

Does your router pass all ports, without NAT, to the FreeBSD IP?