full path when using symlink??


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I'm using a script that requires the absolute path to the folder that is set for uploaded files to be uploaded to. I have used this script many times without problem, but for this particular account i am using a symbolic link for the public/private folders. The absolute path that i would normally use causes the script to throw an error. The error seems to be directly related to this absolute path.

The absolute path's i have tried:

the first absolute path works fine for other accounts running this script without a symlink (different domain name of course)

I'm wondering if there is anything else i can try? suggestions? i'm no server admin wiz so any help appreciated.



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i was able to solve this by going into the custom httpd configurations for the particular domain and changed the |?OPEN_BASEDIR_PATH=`HOME`/:/tmp:/usr/local/lib/php/| setting to the appropriate path