Howcome DA backups use up all of the systems ram?


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Howcome DA's backup system kills all the ram and uses it all up during a backup? All our boxes have a min of 4GB of ram. Backing up 7 sites results in all available RAM being eaten up during the backup process. There was over 1.5gb of ram available prior to the 5am backup. After DA backups finishes there is less that 91K of available ram with 24k in swap????? :eek: We never see swapping on our boxes until we start running DA's backup cron. Our servers should never be swapping to disk but thanks to DA's backup system it exhausted all available ram to the point of pushing the server to swap.

I cant imagine what happens when those of your are running less than 4GB on your boxes. Does you swap space increase 10 fold???

This is insane. Whats the point in having lots of ram? I bet that on 8GB we would still be seeing swapping.


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This seems like an issue with the RAM and/or processor(s) more than DA itself. I have 4 GB of RAM and never experience this issue. It eats RAM, but nothing remotely close to what you posted, and it certainly doesn't take it hostage and forget to free it before it's finished. My available swap is 1 GB and the full gig is untouched throughout the entire backup process... and this is with > 50 domains.

Just my two cents.


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If its any consulation, our processors are quad core operterons. Dont see how this is a cpu issues. We are not talking about loads or the speed at which the backups are done. 7 sites get backed up in 15min which includes dbs with over 1million records. But thats not the problem. Its clearly the amount of ram eaten up during the process. Also, im not talking about the new RC1 backup system. Im talking about the backup system available from Admin > Reseller.

BTW your box should not be swapping. A 1GB swap means that your box ran out of real ram somewhere along the line and had to use disk. In our case SWAP is always zero but not after running DA backups.


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A 1GB swap means that your box ran out of real ram somewhere
No it means he has 1 gig of swap available if he ever needed it. He also said it remained untouched.

My available swap is 1 GB
See he said AVAILABLE swap.

the full gig is untouched throughout the entire backup process
During the backup process it never swapped.


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If the backup files are large then a lot of ram will be used. The larger the backup file the more ram needed to write to it.


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it would take a forensic analysis to be sure but my guess is it's your huge databases you refer to.