I want to hire somebody to write DirectAdmin plugin for me


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I am looking for someone who can develop a directadmin plugin for me. I am using the malware_expert as a mod security rules and I want a plugin that I can from admin inteface to disable given rule by ID like this:
echo "SecRuleRemoveById 55555" >> /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom/modsecurity/off

So I need basically an inteface to put rule ID in the specified file and an optional comment then after each save plugin should rebuild modsecurity rules by executing ./build modsecurity_rules.

I need however FULL rights to this plugin, and what it mean I want to be able to customize it, modify it and install it on as many serveer as I want + it must contain my company name instead of plugin author in DirectAdmin's plugin manager.

Is there anyone who willing to do that? I tried to do that myself by modify hello world directadmin plugin but I wasn't able to save my modification back to the file, despite that I set root rights for plugin as is described here


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Your thread is now moved to "Employment Opportunities" sub-forum.

If you still in a need feel free to contact us though our site (see my signature lines) for a quote.