Loss of keyboard focus when entering a subject for Clear Message System


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When I was attempting to clear up a bunch of outstanding Let's Encrypt error tickets in a user's message system, I noticed the "Subject Contains" field was exhibiting weird behaviour. I would try to enter "error" but it would only get as far as "err" before taking away keyboard focus and showing an auto-complete suggestion of "An error occurred during the backup" below. In order to keep typing, I would either need to click back on the text field or press tab then right. This process would happen again when I hit o to get "erro".

The search is also case-sensitive by default, which has its pros and cons. Maybe a checkbox below "Subject Contains" stating "Case-sensitive" that's enabled by default?


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Please check if the following version of the skin solves it:
cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins
mkdir -p evolution
cd evolution
wget -O evolution.tar.gz https://demo.directadmin.com/download/evolution.tar.gz
tar xvzf evolution.tar.gz
cd ..
chown -R diradmin:diradmin evolution
Thank you for the report!