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Detected an error in /var/ log/messages - "Named: the working directory is not writable". I found a solution: change the owner of the directory /var/named/etc/namedb to user/group bind:

# chown bind: bind /var/named/etc/namedb

then the error disappeared.

Since I am not a professional in the administration of FreeBSD I had two questions:

1. Not there be any problems after the change of ownership /var/named/etc/namedb?
2. Named for why not a separate log file, and the messages are written to the log "messages"?

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Thanks for the reply.

Gone is the day, but no errors (there were several reboots). If you are in the future, I will not pay attention to her.

A separate log file for Bind, I added the instructions here: (in Russian).

Brief Instructions:
Add to /etc/syslog.conf:
*.* /var/log/named.log

#touch /var/log/named.log
#chown bind:bind /var/log/named.log
#/etc/rc.d/syslogd restart
Restart Named