neither old or new password not work


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neither old nor new password not work

i have a new problem with da after upgrade debian server to squeeze
my users cant login to DA after change password with neither new nor old password
but it possible to connect to ftp with new password.
please help me
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you should read and learn directadmin error log located in /var/log/directadmin/
and of course make sure directadmin is running OK (even try to restart it).


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it is runing because the unchanged user can log into da.
but when i change a user account passwd i can log into it by neither old nor new passwd
i also able to log to that account via ftp
i also change account password via ssh but i can log into that account through da

in da log file there are noting wrong or alerted about it


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What if you try to change password as admin via Directadmin for the problematic user account? Or to try to restore it with a help of "restore forgotten password" function of Directadmin?

My guess would be with upgrade to squeeze a method of encrypting of passwords changed and that's why you can not login. I don't know how to check it in Debian, so try to check what algorithm is set as default and change it to MD5 at least for testing purposes.


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I doubt directadmin is using any of them, if you want to try one of them just find one with the most suitable name, I don't get the list in my memory. But what you gonna do with the script?

If I'm not mistaken Directadmin encrypts all passwords with MD5 algorithm, so post here results of:

cat /etc/shadow | cut -d: -f2 | cut -d$ -f 2 | grep -v \! | grep -v \*
I've found with Google:

By default, Debian 6.0.x Squeeze apparently uses SHA-512 with a salt which is a publically known 8 char string.
So you might need to switch to MD5 at least for testing purposes.