php complile error Segmentation fault: (core dumped)


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Hello all,

I'm really stuck and i need some advice.
I've searched google and all but i really dont know where to go.

When i compile php4 or 5, doesnt matter.
I get and error "Segmentation fault: (core dumped)"

I've located the error in the core file, because when i remove the "with=openssl"
line in the configure.php file, it works. So i'm pretty sure its openssl then no?

My case is this, i wanna update my openssl, but i'm afraid that the remote box will go down and not go up.

What is the safest way for me to update my openssl?

Are there other ppl with this error?



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Try to comment all zend_extensions lines in PHP (eAccelerator, APC etc.)