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Hi. I have one server where I have old Debian with DirectAdmin 1.44.0.

When I try to add SSL to different domains I receive two messages:

1. You can only add a certificate to your main domain
2. You can only add a certificate if you own the ip you are using

This server have 3-4 IP assigned.

Any ideas how to install SSL (existing to DA)? :)


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If you want to have more than 1 cert per IP for different domains you will need to have OpenSSL 1.0.0+ with a SNI support. Old versions of OpenSSL do not support SNI, hence directadmin does not allow it. And you should have enable_ssl_sni=1 in directadmin.conf, which won't work of course with old OpenSSL.


I'd rather install new Debian server, but not upgrade Debian 5 to 8 or 9. Too many changes...