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Hi Everyone,

I've an user creation problem with my server. My server using Debian 5 for operating system, im using Directadmin v1.39.3. I've an Internal Licence Complied on Debian 5.

When i try to create an user (Reseller, Domain, Administrator etc.) i get this error (username is dasdadad for trying):

Error Creating User dasdadada


Error creating User: useradd: unknown group dasdadada
Cannot find a home directory after the system user creation for dasdadada
The home directory for dasdadada was not created.

Also i try some fixes in this forum (for ex: adduser.orig solution) but no solution.

When i try it on command line get "adduser: unknown group" error. When i try on Webmin, i can create, delete, modify user but i know this is not a solution :(

Is this a directadmin problem or an operating system problem. Can you have an idea for that?

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I'm guessing this is an OS-specific problem, because you're getting it while trying adduser from the command line.

I've moved the thread; perhaps the new location will help you get responses.