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    SSH Access for users

    To comment on this .... What is the reason that DirectAdmin does not offer 'jailing' as standard?
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    Can't access to 'admin' on SSH

    Yes, it works! :-)
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    Can't access to 'admin' on SSH

    FTP for the admin user works fine. Only SSH for 'admin' doesn't works....
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    Can't access to 'admin' on SSH

    I have a strange problem. I can't acces to my 'admin' account on SSH? I see in DirectAdmin that SSH is on for this user. But when i login by SSH, i see the error: "Access denied". Other users are no problem, also root uplifting from a user is no problem. What is wrong? The bash-history for...
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    How to exclude domain in backup-script?

    Hello, I have the code below here (for a cron) to make a backup of alle domains, and copy this by FTP. It works great! However, now i'm looking for a option for exclude a domain. Is there an option availiable for this? #!/bin/sh datum=`date +%u`; `echo...
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    Build PHP-release without re-build existing php-release

    Is it also possible to install an additional PHP release (3 or 4) without having to rebuild the existing versions? The process to build takes about 8 minutes per PHP-relasse. (I have 1 Core on my VPS and no SSD unfortunately). All of my PHP-releases are running on fpm-php. Or it this not...
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    AH00687 error in my logs (Negotiation-fault)

    - doublepost - -sorry-
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    Login in SSH is slow

    Hello, When i connect to my server by SSH. The login procedure is slow, when i fill in my password. It takes a a lot of seconds to log in. I know thas a key-phrase is easier, but i'm wondering why it's slow. I've found the setting 'GSSAPIAuthentication yes'in my sshd_config, and i've changed...
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    My php-fpm is regularly stopping, how to fix it?

    I have the idea that my php-fpm56 on my VPS seems to stop regularly. The memory seems normal, and the load seems to rise to 0.80, after which php-fpm56 suddenly stops working. The sites that use, it will keep loading until I restart the services for php-fpm56. Other sites om php-fpm70 just...
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    Show real IP in stead of CloudFlare in Apache logs

    Hello, I use Cloudflare on a few on my domains. But in the access- and error_logs i will see only the IP-adresses of the cloudflare proxy, and not the real ip-adresses of the visitors. I have been searching on Google for a while, but what is the best way to see the real IP addresses in the...
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    Is it needed to updated exim_conf when you update Exim?

    A simply question about Exim. Is it needed to build exim_conf with the newest version when you update Exim? And does the exim.conf make sure that spam is more easily stopped?
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    Compatibility-list PCRE and PHP

    Hello, Sometimes if you update PHP, it is necessary to build PCRE again with /build pcre. I wondered if there is a list that lists the compatibility of the pcre versions and the PHP versions. I've heard that it's no longer necessary to build PCRE after an update, or am I wrong?
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    [PLUGIN] CustomBuild 2.0

    On this updates-tab, i see between the updates only the php1-release. Is it right that the php2-release only is showed when they had updates in his branch?
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    Webalizer doesn't work, error with ''

    Hello, I've figured out that Webalizer doesn't working on my server. I see the error: I've tried to follow the steps from this outdated article: But it still doesn't works! I dont have the file: in the directories...
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    Force updating Phpmyadmin to version 4.4

    Is there a possibility in Custombuild 2.0 to build phpmyadmin with the version 4.4? The 4.5 version requires PHP 5.5, en this is at the moment not yet possible on my server. Is the phpmyadmin_ver = 4.4 switch still to use?