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    MySQL update

    I updated MySQL and now it cannot start anymore. [root@host custombuild]# service mysqld start Starting MySQL.......................................................................................................... ERROR! Manager of pid-file quit without updating file. [root@host custombuild]#
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    Suhosin extension

    Is it fine to install suhosin extension for php will add security even if I dont patch my php? Also will it work with suphp? Ive searched the questions about this is not yet answered
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    Redirect when port is changed

    Hi, I recently changed my port to 8888 so I emailed all my clients that they should use the new port but then I found out that WHMCS wont work if the port is changed since I think the port 2222 was already hardcoded in it. So I changed it back to 2222. What I want now to do is whenever a user...
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    ServerStats +SuPHP

    Anyone here who manage to install this on their server using suPHP? Server stats used to create nice graphs on your servers usage
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    How to check user who is using high resources

    Ok so I already installed suPHP now how do I check the users who are using the resources of the server?
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    Unable to read login history file

    How can i fix this error? This is for the login history link in the client area
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    CHOWN Mistake

    I have issued a chown comman to my root / to a different user and now my server is trashed is there any way to undo that? Im lucky I made a backup earlier but Is there a way to revert that easily without using my backup?
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    rename roundcube

    Is it ok to rename roundcube's directory to something else like "mail" I know I can just use a symlink but I want it to be renamed so that you can only access roundcube using that link. And if you dont mind How can I change the mail link (http://myip/squirrelmail) at the top of my control...
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    Moving my directadmin installation to another host

    Hi, I decided to move my website to another server. How can I do that? Is there any tutorials out here? Thanks
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    Updating DA

    Is it ok to click the update link on the admin control panel when using custombuild? will it overwrite my configuration on custombuild?
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    Install SSL Certificate

    Hi I got a certificate from but cant get it to work on my server it still shows the snakeoild cert even if it shows in the config that my certs are pointing to my own certificates. Can anyone instruct me on how to install them? Thanks
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    Opcode Cache

    Can I install APC or eAccelerator on my server if I am running suPhp? is there any tutorial guide here that I can follow?
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    How do you check if you already secured your server

    How do you check if you already secured your server? Do you upload shells t o your own servers? What if I dont want to use suPHP what other security measures I can do to make it secure?
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    Main domain DNS

    Hi Is it ok to have my main domain's DNS to be stored locally? because upon installation the local data tab at the DNS records sections is set to NO then I removed my domain and added it again and now the local data tab is now set to yes? Will there be any side effects of that setting to my...
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    QUOTA not working

    I tried every help I found here but still not working Here's my fstab Can anyone help me Im in a VPS using CentOS 5