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    Make custom package item available in config templates (httpd, openlitespeed, php-fpm...)

    That mean everytime user add new domain i have to update template?
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    Make custom package item available in config templates (httpd, openlitespeed, php-fpm...)

    Custom package item introduced in 479 Custom domain item introduced in 1775 Custom domain item available in config in I think it's easy to make...
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    DirectAdmin 1.59.4 has been released

    |*if PACKAGE="A"| this check is not good 1. Every i create new package i need to update template 2.What happen if i want to have custom for user eg user a1 and a2 using same package A which default disable dangerous php functions but i want user a1 to be able to access to all functions. then I...
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    DirectAdmin 1.59.4 has been released

    No I want custom package item, which force all users in a package using the setting, not per domain setting since user able to modify it. Example I want to have package1: which allow users to access all php functions and package 2 with limited functions (some dangerous function disabled) I have...
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    DirectAdmin 1.59.4 has been released

    When custom pakage items avaiable in config template? I saw this: And this Why custom domain item support |CUSTOM_DOMAIN_ITEM_%s| But custom package items just support |PACKAGE| I'm waiting so...
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    Service monitoring is not working correctly

    Hello, I have created a custom deamon (written in c) for Centos 7. service command is working fine Then i put it to /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/services.status But it always show status as "Process is stopped" I tried multiple ways, but can't get it work correctly. Anyone know how...
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    NOT To Process JS file on skin

    I'm trying to add jQuery on directadmin, JS_JQUERY=assets/js/jquery/jquery.js but DA look for token in js file and replace any block |something here| with "none", I don't know if there is any way to tell DA that we don't need to check for token and replace on specified files? Thanks you.
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    Passing custom data to skin/template config

    Hi, Is there anyway to passing custom data to skin/template? Eg: I want to add USER_PHP_SECURE_MODE="ON" (my idea is using pre hook scripts) so in config template |*if USER_PHP_SECURE_MODE| disable_functions=exec,system,... open_basedir = /home/|user| |*endif| and in skin |*if...
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    Control config token via custom scripts?

    I'm trying to extend directadmin by using custom scripts and modified skin. In PHP configuration (/CMD_PHP_SAFE_MODE) i'm trying to adding option to toggle php secure(disable_functions) I see toggle open base dir option will try to rebuild php-fpm.conf from template with OPEN_BASEDIR token to...
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    User quota incorrect

    Hi, I have uploaded over 100MB to /home/user/public_html, but used space is not counted. I can see DA exclude it while try to see details. Please help me. I want to count user files as well, not just Database and Email like current. Thanks so much. image uploader
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    Error while update mariadb to 10.1

    Hello I'm using custombuild 2.0.0 rev 1767 when update to mariadb 10.1 (from 10.0 or from 5.5) I got error Failed to resolve typeattributeset statement at /etc/selinux/targeted/tmp/modules/400/mariadb/cil:1 /usr/sbin/semodule: Failed! After error occurred, I cannot get mariadb running back...
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    CentOS7 MariaDB 10.1 or 10.2

    Hi, I'm new to DA. I have installed it on CentOS 7 64 bit. everything is fine excerpt Mariadb version is too old 5.5.41(2014-12-21) I want to update it. But seem it's only able to update to Mariadb 10.0 (by update custombuild options and build it) mariadb=10.0 mysql_inst=mariadb then ./build...