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    Storage of a single user on a separate disk

    Hi All, One of our users like to get a lot of storage on his single user account on a shared DirectAdmin server. We like to offer a complete harddisk to safe his storage but this needs to be reachable via a frontend website and FTP. Can somebody tell me how I can assign a other location for...
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    Default root@domain address

    Hi All, The SIDN (the .nl registry) and AFNIC (the .fr registry) technical notes are writing that we need to have a root@domain address for all domains. On this moment we got a lot of warnings cause DirectAdmin isn't do this by default. Do somebody know how to figure that DirectAdmin made a...
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    Cannot create user - Package not found

    Hi All, When we try to create a new user we got the error "Cannot create user - Package not found". We tryd this link to solve the problem, it doesn't help us: This is in /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/admin/packages 8...
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    DirectAdmin Shows an incorrect number of users

    Hi All, Sice we updated DirectAdmin on one of our servers it's showing an incorrect number of users in the admin panel. The server is using by 209 users and DirectAdmin shows 418 users. Did somebody know any solution?
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    Backup to Remote location Failed.

    Hi There, Yesterday we added LAN Disks to our network with FTP function. They working like a normal FTP Server so we want to use this as backup option. After doing backup there isn't any file on the remote location but the log isn't showing any special thing or error. This is (a part of) the...
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    Default E-Mail account doesn't work correctly

    Hi All, Last Friday we migrate one of our DirectAdmin servers to a new DirectAdmin server. Since that time users can't login to their default E-Mail account anymore. With the default account I mean the account whay DirectAdmin mades by adding a new hostingsaccount. DirectAdmin made this...
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    PHP 4 and PHP 5 (.htaccess)

    Hi All, Somebody told me it's porsable to use PHP 4 and PHP 5 without rename extentions to .php4 or .php5. He told me that I have to edit the .htaccess file for this option. Now I installed Custombuild (Working great, thanks to smtalk :D), PHP 4, PHP 5 and Apache 2. PHP 5 is default PHP...
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    Second SMTP Port on DA-Server

    Hi There, Some internet services providers who offer DSL connections to their customers are bussy to block all 3th-party SMTP servers. To do this they simply block outgoing port 25 (SMTP) by all DSL customers. Some of our customers are using a DSL connection from some of this providers. We...
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    Add Adress on Mailinglist via Website

    I can't find anything on this forum about adding new adresses on the Mailinglist via the Website. Is it porsable to add some text area on a page witch is provided by DirectAdmin, where people can add theire e-mail adres to the mailinglist in the DirectAdmin Account?? Best regards, Arjan.