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    Error creating Let´s Encrypt certificate

    My servers stopted to create Let´s Encrypt certificates. I updated with custombuild curl but that didn´t solve the problem. Requesting new certificate order... Nonce is empty. Exiting. dig output of
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    Installatron can´t create new database

    We have installed Installatron at our server and it was running pefect until a short while ago. Now it doesn´t let users install new apps anymore from their panel. As soon I start a Wordpress install on a new hosting account with 5 MySQL databases available it says: Error Unable to create a...
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    Can´t check "All User Cron Jobs" in admin section

    When I want to check the user cron tabs in the admin section I get this error: " All User Cron Jobs User cron parsing error. Check crontab.conf files". How can I discover wich cron has a error?
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    Emails don´t arrive in Gmail

    I got a new server and I can send emails to everybody except Gmail. The server is sending the mails but the never arrive into the Gmail account. Server has reverse dns and DKIM. Here is a part of the exim log: 2014-06-25 23:44:35 1Wzzfu-0008QN-Ni <= info@**** H=(AMDBas) [201.77.74.***]...
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    550 5.3.2 Service currently unavailable

    Please can somebody help me to resolve this error: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>: host []: 550 5.3.2 Service currently unavailable
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    Hotmail accounts don´t receive emails from our servers

    Hello, We have a serious problem, emails send to hotmail account don´t arrive but aren´t bounced either. Just when answering a email send from a hotmail account the will go to the hotmail mailbox. Our server isn´t blacklisted and other mailservices like gmail are receiving our emails normal. The...
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    smtp port 587

    Is there a way to use smtp port 587 because many brazilian internet providers started to block smtp port 25?
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    Mass email problem

    I had today on 2 servers the same problem that a person gets access to a mail account of 1 of our customers and use our server sending tons of emails. in both cases it was the same person / computer sending this emails. Here is the header information: 1RLJY7-0005pQ-Fh-H mail 8 12...
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    MySQL stopped to work

    Hello, MySQL server stopped to work and when I try to start it with SSH I get this message: MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found! Can somebody help me please?
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    user accounts hacked

    I have a problem, in all user accounts on the server with directories having 777 rights there is a php file and a .htaccess file uploaded. This php file looks is a number like 23145.php and owned by apache. All files have the same date and time and it looks a scripts has injected this files...
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    No ftp accounts after back restore

    After a harddisk crash I had to reinstall DA and restore all user accounts. Everything is restored fine, but the users don't have a ftp account anymore. Even the standard ftp account wich has been created when a new user account has been created doesn't appear. Does somebody know how to solve?
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    ftp problems

    Since today half of the account can´t access the server anymore using by or IP of the account. They just have ftp access if they use First I was thinking about a dns issue, but in that case they should have access by their IP. Other accounts who...
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    Hello, My box got a reload after is was hacked. I was going to install Awstats but I saw in the formum that Awstats now included in the DA Panel. I don´t see it yet in my panel, do I need to enable it?
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    Error when giving server reboot

    I had to reboot one of our servers, after I gave the reboot command with SSH I got this error message: /usr/local/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/ Does somebody know how I can resolve this problem?
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    Error during backup useraccounts

    When I use the Admin Backup/Transfer option in the admin level, I get the this error: User belvoip has been backed up. ncftpput /home/tmp/admin/user.admin.belvoip.tar.gz: server said: user.admin.belvoip.tar.gz: Permission denied User benelux has been backed up. ncftpput...